Topic: Love

Go To Bed Angry

Vivien Minshull-Ford will present a sermon by Rev. Emilie Boggis, co-minister at Beacon UU Congregation in Summit, New Jersey. Boggis explores what makes relationships grow and last and what makes them fail. She then generalizes these behaviors to our relationships in the world at large, … read more.

Love Me More

Sam Smith is a prominent figure in the queer movement across many cultures. His prolific song, “Love Me More,” speaks to the pain of self-acceptance that many face daily. Mohr observes that he often finds himself listening to this song to bolster himself to face … read more.

Tough Love Saves Us All

Debbie Wadman will present a sermon by Rev. Gretchen Haley, co-minister for the Foothills Unitarian Church. Haley states that “Unlike partial communities that seek to put limits around love or duty, the Beloved Community is that community that keeps drawing the circle wider and wider … read more.

Love 2.0

Melanie Jenney will present a sermon by Rev. Kaaren Anderson, Interim Minister at the UU Fellowship of Vero Beach, Florida. Anderson discusses and argues for us to change our view of love from one in which we think of it as a special connection with … read more.

Getting Better at Love

Linda Jordan will bring us “Getting Better at Love” by Rev. Joshua Mason Pawelek.  In his sermon, Pawelek considers various types of love, each offering us opportunities to express kindness, generosity toward others and ourselves, and our tendency to often fall short of our highest … read more.

Sometimes the Center Does Hold

Whether it’s looking at the diversity of our congregations, the range of our principles, or the objectives of our social action, there seems to be an invisible center around which everything we are and do orbits and this center is mindful love.  Andrew will explore … read more.