Speaker: Andrew Davis

Wishing for Wonder

While mere wishing for something new or better leaves us untethered from reality, wishing for wonder binds us to it.  Wonder only emerges when an unexpected reality surprises us.

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who are fully vaccinated, social distancing is … read more.

The Courage to Grow

Andrew draws from the work of Paul Tillich, an existentialist , Protestant theologian, to explore the significance of courage for our lives today.  In The Courage to Be, Tillich argues that the antidote to a life of anxiety is found in the courage to affirm our right … read more.

What, So What, Now What

This is a sermon on transcendence and transformation disguised as observations on the shock of tripping and falling down, the frustration of trying to stand but failing, and the wonder of working our way back onto our feet.

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A Safe Place to Speak

The easiest journeys to talk about are those filled with sights, sounds, smells and tastes worth remembering. We share our memories of these journeys easily because they happened “out there,” far away from our inner selves. But what about the interior journeys we take that … read more.

The Growth Paradox

Andrew Davis suggests we must look within and enlarge our center before we can realistically hope to expand the periphery of our church.  We must open ourselves to the possibility that we must shed the limits that have defined us to this point in order … read more.

The Acceptance Dilemma

Unitarian Universalism is founded on the principle of accepting others’ differences, but what if some of the differences we encounter threaten our very existence?  “The Acceptance Dilemma” explores this problem and some of our sources’ responses to it, while acknowledging that each of us needs … read more.

Care as Creativity

Andrew explores how creativity is the link between our stewardship and our capacity to care for ourselves and others.

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who are vaccinated – social distancing is requested and masks are optional.  Or you may join us … read more.

Hold Tight Loosely

We know that we are surrounded by change: some, we welcome with open arms; some, we run from as fast as we can; and some, we don’t understand at all and hope we can figure it out before it’s too late.  Andrew explores the balance … read more.

Sometimes the Center Does Hold

Whether it’s looking at the diversity of our congregations, the range of our principles, or the objectives of our social action, there seems to be an invisible center around which everything we are and do orbits and this center is mindful love.  Andrew will explore … read more.

Peeling the Onion

We organize clean-up days to pick up trash along rivers or in neighborhoods because no matter how much we might wish otherwise, the trash won’t pick itself up. There’s an entire industry built around decluttering our homes and offices because too many of us are … read more.

Big-Little, Little-Big

Opening ourselves to joy may be the most important part of self-care we can give ourselves.  Join us as we explore the possibilities of finding joy both alone and with others in a time when too many headlines are joyless.

The church is open for in-person … read more.

Hiding in the Hills…Or Not

Imagination as it is expressed in many of our sources is significant in helping us to embrace healthy, imaginative lives individually and together as a congregation. Andrew explores the proposition that religion dies when the imagination fails.

The church has reopened for vaccinated in-person Sunday Services … read more.

More Than Memory

Andrew Davis discusses how our memories can serve as foundations for and barriers to the emergence we need to nurture if we hope to create the lives we want for ourselves.  And he will offer suggestions to build the foundations and tear down the barriers.  … read more.