Speaker: Andrew Davis

Big-Little, Little-Big

Opening ourselves to joy may be the most important part of self-care we can give ourselves.  Join us as we explore the possibilities of finding joy both alone and with others in a time when too many headlines are joyless.

Hiding in the Hills…Or Not

Imagination as it is expressed in many of our sources is significant in helping us to embrace healthy, imaginative lives individually and together as a congregation. Andrew explores the proposition that religion dies when the imagination fails.

The church has reopened for vaccinated in-person Sunday Services … read more.

More Than Memory

Andrew Davis discusses how our memories can serve as foundations for and barriers to the emergence we need to nurture if we hope to create the lives we want for ourselves.  And he will offer suggestions to build the foundations and tear down the barriers.  … read more.

Gathering the Light

Andrew Davis presents “Gathering the Light.” “Light” has carried symbolic significance to us for centuries, usually focusing on something outside of ourselves like the sun, stars, or even our own chalice. It gives us hope even in the darkest of times.  But the real source … read more.

Listening Ourselves Into Being

Although the church is closed through October, you are invited to join us online for the live Sunday Service using Zoom Worship. Andrew Davis presents “Listening Ourselves Into Being.” Andrew draws on the experience of “otherness” to explore how deep listening … read more.