You’ve attended a Sunday Service or two and found the people and ideas worth getting to know.  You’ve read the UU Principles and Purposes and the Covenant of Healthy Relations and found you are in agreement.  We invite you to get better acquainted with us.  Wherever you are in your spiritual journey or intellectual quest, you will find others who are as interested in the questions as the answers at First Unitarian Universalist Church. Participation in one or more of our activities and groups will deepen and widen your experience in our church community.

Before your commitment to membership at First UU,  the next rewarding step, we offer an Inquirer’s Class, led by the Membership Committee.

Inquirer’s Class

We offer classes led by the Membership Committee which is designed for new and prospective members or people who just want to find out more about our religion.  A history of the local church as well as Unitarianism Universalism is presented. Dates are announced in advance.  Childcare is offered for those attending the class.

Becoming a Member

After taking the class if you have decided to join the church the next step is signing the book. We then introduce new members to the congregation and give you a small present as a token of welcoming. It is expected that members are willing and able to make a financial commitment to the church, according to individual circumstance, but working toward at least 4% of annual income.  Regular attendance and participation in church activities adds significantly to the exceptional experience of belonging to First UU.