Adult Religious ExplorationThe Adult Religious Exploration group studies a variety of topics both religious and secular. Join us every Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. for an informative lecture and a lively discussion. Childcare is available upon request. Contact Frank Ruf, 316-650-3842,

Since the church is not presently holding in-person services, Adult RE is being done virtually on Zoom.  We will watch videos and discuss a number of topics.  Contact the church office for information on the current topic and for Zoom information.

When the church reopens to in-person services, the Adult RE will contine the video series, “The Science of Self.”  Some of the most profound secrets about what it means to be human are now being revealed, thanks to the amazing tools of biotechnology. The Human Genome Project opened the book on the genetic instructions that go into making a human. Scientists are beginning to address age-old mysteries, including these:
• What is the difference between living organisms and nonliving things?
• How does DNA instruct a single-cell embryo to create a body with a brain
that produces a self-conscious mind?
• What makes us human? Our minds, genes, appearance, or something else?
• Is the human species at the end of an evolutionary line, or will it evolve into something entirely different?

In 24 thought-provoking video lectures designed for nonscientists, “The Science of Self” explores these and many other questions in today’s exciting field of genomics. The professor is Princeton University biologist Lee M. Silver, an acclaimed teacher, scientist, and author of popular books on biotechnology, genetics, and its impact on society. Professor Silver says that he and his colleagues are astonished by the pace of discoveries in recent years and by how much has been learned about the human condition from studying the basic ingredients in genes. Enlivened by Dr. Silver’s clear and enthusiastic presentation, “The Science of Self” is an unrivaled opportunity to investigate this dramatic new picture of our past, present, and future as a species.