If I were a Street Corner Evangelist

Although the church is closed through March, please join us online for the live Sunday Service using Zoom Worship Invitation.  You may also like to follow along using the Order of Service. Annie Welsbacher presents “If I were a Street Corner Evangelist,” UU Rev. Richard R. Davis’ sermon that explores whether or not there is a role for evangelism in Unitarian Universalism.  Among the few givens that apply to all UUs is our scrupulous eschewing of evangelism—we aren’t supposed to go around telling people that they ought to give us a try. But our exploration of commitment this month offers an opportunity to indulge in an exercise, even if only hypothetically. Suppose we did stand on street corners singing the praises of the UU faith. What would we say? And if we want to be truly committed to the principles of our faith, should we reconsider that “no evangelism” dictum and instead try to help others better understand them?