Topic: Vulnerability

The Power of Vulnerability

Holger Meyer will host and moderate “The Power of Vulnerability,” a TED Talk by Brené Brown that was presented in Houston in June 2010, followed by congregational sharing about the ideas discussed in the presentation.

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who … read more.

Who Am I?

Imposter syndrome is a psychological occurrence that has seen an uptick in popularity alongside things like quiet quitting and dissociative disorders. The COVID pandemic has disrupted many social norms, and in the absence of safety, many people have engaged in creative ways of coping in … read more.

Value of Vulnerability

Kay Davis will present a sermon by Rev. Jonalu Johnstone who is currently Co-Lead Interim Minister of Reflection & Discovery at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin, Texas. When we repeatedly resist sharing what we are feeling or who we really are, when we ignore … read more.

Embodied Grief

Annie Welsbacher will present a sermon by Sandra Fees, minister for the UU Church of Berks County in Reading, Pennsylvania. All too often, individual responses to pain—whether physical, spiritual, or emotional—manifest as flight, fight, or avoidance responses. What would happen if we faced our pain … read more.