Topic: Transformation & Transcendence

A People of Transcendence

Rev. Geiger looks back to the roots of American Liberal Theology to trace the Unitarian transition from our original orthodoxy that contained little about spiritualism up to the birth of Transcendentalism.  Geiger notes that while Transcendentalists moved us out of strict creed toward a spiritualism … read more.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

Spirituality. Is the practice of being transformed.  We at First UU are a community dedicated to creating space for those reimagining themselves.  For some, that may be trying to be a better version of their current self. For others It might be striving to become … read more.

What, So What, Now What

This is a sermon on transcendence and transformation disguised as observations on the shock of tripping and falling down, the frustration of trying to stand but failing, and the wonder of working our way back onto our feet.

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services … read more.