Topic: Imagination

Imagining Other

Rev. Joe Mohr shares his views about the importance of imagination to our well-being.  Our imaginations allow us to envision something more or better than the status quo and call us to action to make the changes needed to bring about personal growth or meaningful … read more.

Thin Places

Every spiritual tradition recognizes “thin places of the soul” where we experience a deep personal connection with all of creation.  For some it is accessed through art, music or nature.  Others find this connection in silent meditation.  In this sermon by Rev. John T. Morehouse, … read more.

Hiding in the Hills…Or Not

Imagination as it is expressed in many of our sources is significant in helping us to embrace healthy, imaginative lives individually and together as a congregation. Andrew explores the proposition that religion dies when the imagination fails.

The church has reopened for vaccinated in-person Sunday Services … read more.