Topic: Creativity

I’ll Put a Spell on You

Despite its sunny connotation, the origin of the word “delight” has a sultrier nature. It first appeared in Latin as delicere, to entice, and grew to mean charm, allure, to please. To delight someone was to cast a spell on or entrance them. Much later, … read more.

Nurturing Creativity

In this flower communion sermon celebrating several historic UU heroes—including Norbert Capek, the creator of the flower ceremony that many of our congregations celebrate in the spring—Rev. Johnstone examines innovation and creativity. She reminds us that to pursue new ideas and inventions, we must first … read more.

The Creative Spirit

Magda Garrett will present a sermon by Rev. Janet Parsons, minister of the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church in Massachusetts. Drawing from the book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, Parsons rethinks the meaning and source of the creative spirit and argues that … read more.

Don’t Mistake My Curiosity for Courage

The service will also feature Scottish fiddle tunes from violinist Elizabeth Wallace and cellist and First UU member Susan Mayo. Mayo has been part of the Kansas musical landscape for more than 30 years as a cellist, composer, and community arts organizer. Wallace has played … read more.

A Celebration of Mothering

Julie Burkart, president at Wellspring Health Access and founder of Wichita’s Trust Women clinic, will speak on the ultimate creative act: Motherhood. Burkart, a former First UU member, has opened multiple women’s regional clinics around the country and is opening a new one in the … read more.

Courage and Creativity

Charlie Jenney will present a sermon by Rev. Kate Dean, minister of the Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel in Hampstead, London. Dean notes that creativity doesn’t just emerge in the form of a final work of art, music, or writing or in a difficult problem solved. … read more.

UU Writings and Songs

To conclude our month-long celebration of Creativity we will listen to songs, poetry, and prose created by Unitarian Universalist writers and musicians – far and near, past and present.  And some very local.  The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who are vaccinated … read more.

The Easter Exam

Easter and the concept of resurrection can be confusing and most UUs struggle with this particular holiday filled with mass marketing and the mixed messages arising from centuries of “bad theology.”  Rev. Feder shows us a different way to think of the Easter message that … read more.

Care as Creativity

Andrew explores how creativity is the link between our stewardship and our capacity to care for ourselves and others.

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who are vaccinated – social distancing is requested and masks are optional.  Or you may join us … read more.