Topic: Courage

Ordinary Courage

Melanie Jenney presents a sermon by Rev. Gregory Pelley.  Rev. Pelley tells the story of his encounter with a stranger that caused him to overcome his fear of perceived danger and to instead reach out in kindness to ease another’s suffering.  His story is juxtaposed with … read more.

The Courage to Grow

Andrew draws from the work of Paul Tillich, an existentialist , Protestant theologian, to explore the significance of courage for our lives today.  In The Courage to Be, Tillich argues that the antidote to a life of anxiety is found in the courage to affirm our right … read more.

An Abyss Calls Another Abyss

We’re pleased to welcome a new voice to the pulpit this week.  Samuel is currently a school social worker at East High School.  His research focuses on addressing racial systemic disparities as a public health issue.  This sermon will explore the pains and struggles of … read more.