Why Ask Why?

Although the church is closed through August, please join us online. We post login information for each live Sunday Service on the Friday prior to each service.

The Rev. Joe Mohr will present, “Why Ask Why?” Joe says, “My favorite aspect of Mystery is that when you think you know someone or something, the more mysterious it becomes. When we label someone or something, we limit our ability to gain more understanding of it. We label it and then it seems to be encapsulated and that is as far as we may go to understand that person or thing. However, an interesting alternative to automatically labeling a person or thing is to ask: Why? Exploring the mysterious meanings of whom and what we thought we knew can be remarkably beneficial indeed.”

We will provide our Home Service material on Friday, August 14, on this web post. The Home Service material is offered for those who want to create a common at-home service on Sunday with your families, a few friends, or individually.