What is Your Story?

Although the church is closed through April, please join us online for the live Sunday Service using Zoom Worship Invitation.  You may also like to follow along using the Order of Service.  Rev. Nick Boke presents “What is Your Story?”  Rev. Boke will consider the significance of story as a vehicle for making meaning—and how stories evolve over time, with each evolution helping the individual or organization to become something new. Whether it’s Christmas for Christians, Ashura for Muslims, or Hannukah for Jews, all religions use story to articulate the significant, just as nation-states have their stories of heroes and triumphs, and families have their beloved uncles and black sheep, most of which change over time. But individuals, also, have their stories. We will explore the way we use story to understand—and define, and redefine—who we are as individuals and to make ourselves clear about our own identities.