Sliding Doors and the Lives We Didn’t Live

In a sermon by Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker, Rev. Zucker asks:  “Have you ever noticed that all of the stories in our lives that we re-write tend to have happier endings, sometimes even mythic?  What is the allure of imagining do-overs of glory?  We’ll explore how the very modern preoccupation of imagining alternate selves can be fuel for fantasy and escape, but also fodder for regret and despair.  We ask: “How can we reckon with and make peace with lives we have led and are living now without gazing into a murky “what if” crystal ball?”

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who are vaccinated – social distancing and masks are requested.  Or you may join us online for the live service using the Zoom Invitation.  You may also like to follow along using the Order of Service and the Hymn Lyrics.