Resistance is (not) Futile

Charlie King will present a sermon from Rev. Andrew L. Weber. Beckoning us into his sermon with recollections of the terrifying Borg from the Star Trek franchise, Rev. Weber tells us that “we can live and act from a place of deep faith; faith that our actions, whether large or small, matter deeply.” He exhorts us all to take up those actions, no matter how seemingly trivial: “At any moment when you think, someone should—you be that person! Someone should really speak up for the oppressed. Someone should really pick up that piece of trash. Someone should help that person with their groceries. Let us be that person!”

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who are fully vaccinated, masks are optional, and social distancing is requested. Or you may join us online for the live service using the Zoom Invitation.  You may also like to follow along using the Order of Service and the Hymn Lyrics.