7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Please join us via Zoom for “Black Faces in ‘White’ Spaces.”  We live in a world where many are still influenced by historically intentional, unhealthy, and misguided discrimination based on skin color.  African-Americans still find that people who blend in with the dominant sub-racial group may look askance at them when they make a home for themselves – literally or figuratively – in an environment where they may be one (or one of just a few) black faces in what we might call white spaces.  What is it like to be a black face in a decidedly white place?  How does that happen, and what meanings are we to draw from the occurrence – particularly when the value and goodness of human beings is based on a DNA sequence more than 99% the same for all of us? Join us as three African-American Wichitans explore these questions and more from their unique perspectiveJoseph Shepard, Roxanne McKenzie, and Rob SimonContact the Church Office for Zoom information.