11:00 am - 12:00 pm


First Unitarian Universalist Church
7202 E 21st St N, Wichita, KS, 67206

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Melanie Jenney presents “Why I Am a UU Pagan.” Ken Langer from a UU parish in Bedford, Massachusetts, begins this sermon with, “I want to take this opportunity to explain to you why I identify myself as a UU Pagan and why I think it is important that both UUs and Pagans take time to understand each other. I am a UU because I enjoy being in an open and accepting community of people with diverse spiritual viewpoints and I am a Pagan because my spiritual inspiration comes primarily from nature.” Jenney will share Langer’s perspective.

The church is open for in-person Sunday Services for those who are fully vaccinated, social distancing is requested, and masks are optional.  Or you may join us for the live service using Zoom.  We post Zoom login information for each live Sunday Service on the Friday prior to each service.  Listen to past First UU sermons at sermon.