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Cybele and Me

In the grand scheme of things, where do we ultimately fit in?

It’s a question that has sought a question for millennia.  Many men and women, each greater thinkers than I, have come up with answers that will probably beat anything that I can come up … read more.

View from the Home of an “Abortionist”

We are in Day Six in this summer’s antiabortion grandstanding event. A small corps of antiabortion activists is in town, attempting to recreate the hysteria of 25 years ago, when thousands of them descended on Wichita. The goal, largely accomplished in 1991 but pretty much a bust this … read more.

The Art of Passing

People, regardless of their gender, sexuality, or any other trait, are always in transition.  From daughter to mother, brother to uncle, we all undergo changes in our lives.  However, trans people experience transition in a very unique and … read more.

Trans Voices: Introduction


I was packing a sack lunch for a resident at the homeless shelter where I worked when I realized I was a man. I was twenty-four.

It was not when I asked my mother at age four if she was absolutely sure I was … read more.

Share the Plate Award

Now seeking applications for our 2016-2017 Share the Plate Award!

We’re moving into a process for selecting Share the Plate recipients that involves the participation of the whole congregation.  Organizations can apply directly or be nominated by our members to receive support from us for … read more.

The Most Powerful Person In The Economy

On Friday, I’m going to meet with the most powerful person in the economy.

I’m not going to speak with any of the newly elected Congressmen or Senators, or even President Obama. Instead, a coalition of unemployed workers, underemployed workers and community leaders — including … read more.

A Circle of Service

(Mary Erickson is one of several First UU members who volunteer at St. Paul’s AME Church in partnership with Sunflower Community Action.)

Unitarian Universalist Beliefs in Action

There is a surge at twelve o’clock sharp and a steady stream for awhile thereafter. Some are families with … read more.

Ban The Box Community Meeting

(Louis Goseland, Chair of First UU’s Social Action Task Force, keeps the congregation up to date on social justice issues where we can make a difference. Attend a Task Force meeting—every Sunday at 12:15 at the church–to know more about the issues we are … read more.