Author: Rev. David Carter

The Most Powerful Person In The Economy

On Friday, I’m going to meet with the most powerful person in the economy.

I’m not going to speak with any of the newly elected Congressmen or Senators, or even President Obama. Instead, a coalition of unemployed workers, underemployed workers and community leaders — including … read more.

Unitarian Universalists Speak Out

(A shorter version of Reverend David Carter’s message will be published on the Opinion Page of the Wichita Eagle, most likely Sunday, March 23rd, according to Phillip Brownlee, Opinion Editor. Watch for it and share it with friends.)

An Unsubtle Message

The unsubtle message of the … read more.

The Great Paradox of Religious Life

I am no stranger to tithing. Since 1984 I’ve been tithing. But, an explanation is in order:

In ’67, I responded to a spiritual “call” and began dedicating a half hour each day to a meditation practice which I continue to perform to this day. … read more.