Children’s RE Video “What Would a UU Do?”

Presented by the Children’s Religious Exploration class of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita, this video explores the principles of Unitarian Universalism and what it means to practice them. This film was written and designed entirely by the kids.

The Most Powerful Person In The Economy

On Friday, I’m going to meet with the most powerful person in the economy.

I’m not going to speak with any of the newly elected Congressmen or Senators, or even President Obama. Instead, a coalition of unemployed workers, underemployed workers and community leaders — including … read more.

Unitarian Universalists Speak Out

(A shorter version of Reverend David Carter’s message will be published on the Opinion Page of the Wichita Eagle, most likely Sunday, March 23rd, according to Phillip Brownlee, Opinion Editor. Watch for it and share it with friends.)

An Unsubtle Message

The unsubtle message of the … read more.

Unitarian Universalist Religious Pluralism

(Del Smith heard Forrest Church speak at her UU Church in Long Beach, CA, in 1998. She now admits that she was excited that he was the speaker, but only because his father was the late Frank Church, liberal senator (ID). Rev. Church’s message … read more.

A Circle of Service

(Mary Erickson is one of several First UU members who volunteer at St. Paul’s AME Church in partnership with Sunflower Community Action.)

Unitarian Universalist Beliefs in Action

There is a surge at twelve o’clock sharp and a steady stream for awhile thereafter. Some are families with … read more.

Church Conflict Resolution

(Marguerite Regan is Associate Professor of English at Newman University. She participated in the series of communication and conflict resolution workshops at First UU led by the Rev. Thea Nietfeld.)

The Trouble with Triangles: Being the Best Third Party You Can Be in Church Conflicts

A … read more.

Ban The Box Community Meeting

(Louis Goseland, Chair of First UU’s Social Action Task Force, keeps the congregation up to date on social justice issues where we can make a difference. Attend a Task Force meeting—every Sunday at 12:15 at the church–to know more about the issues we are … read more.

Growing Pains Of A Former Catholic

(Mary Erickson has been coming to church for three to four years, but only joined six months ago. She has committed to working on the St. Paul’s project with the Social Justice activists. She is a talented artist has has done a couple of … read more.

The Great Paradox of Religious Life

I am no stranger to tithing. Since 1984 I’ve been tithing. But, an explanation is in order:

In ’67, I responded to a spiritual “call” and began dedicating a half hour each day to a meditation practice which I continue to perform to this day. … read more.